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Are you SERVPRO Ready?

7/6/2022 (Permalink)

servpro workers SERVPRO® has the experience and training to handle all your restoration and remediation needs.

Are you SERVPRO Ready?

When property disaster occurs at a business location, the operation of the business is often interrupted. Any interference in business operation can negatively impact the business and profitability of a company. It is imperative that the damage to a commercial establishment be contained and repaired quickly so the impact of business is minimized. 

SERVPRO of West Oakland is an experienced specialist in restoring commercial properties. We have worked at many restaurants, office buildings, manufacturing plants and retail establishments in Foster City, Belmont, San Carlos and Redwood Shores. When a property disaster happens many things can go wrong and quickly. Let’s use a burst pipe flooding as our example. While each building and business will face its own specific situations, these following items are fairly common problems:1 - Portions of the structure will get wet and may need to be removed and replaced. 2 - Water service may be interrupted. 3- Electric service may also be compromised. 4 - Office equipment and manufacturing equipment could be ruined or in need of repair. 5 - Production and assembly processes may be compromised. 6 - Employee safety is in jeopardy (Slip hazard / risk of electrocution) 6 - Alarms, telephones, computers may not function reliably. 7- Elevators don’t work. 8 - HVAC systems compromisedAn experienced commercial mitigation specialist should also provide solutions to business interruption. That’s why SERVPRO of West Oakland provides restoration management services beyond just the initial emergency response of water extraction and structural drying, such as:Water extraction, humidity control, document drying, emergency power, emergency lighting, security services, electronics cleaning and repair, HVAC system cleaning and service, elevator repair, communications systems restoration, structural repair, plumbing repair, temporary office modules, temporary fencing and toilets, OSHA safety inspection services, Industrial Hygienist services, consultation and more.   Being a great commercial mitigation and restoration company, is much more than simply drying a building. It is helping a company get back into operation as quickly as possible. 50% of companies fail within one year of having a disaster. It’s not because they don’t have insurance or resources. It’s because too much time goes by allowing clients to go to competitors.

Call SERVPRO of West Oakland at (510) 599-9300 for a  free Emergency Ready Plan that can help any business be ready for a disaster. Preparedness reduces the down time and that improves the chances for a company to return to profitability after suffering a disaster.

SERVPRO 's Special Weapon

6/6/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO 's Special Weapon

At SERVPRO of West Oakland, we have both cold “coil dehumidifiers” and “desiccant dehumidifiers.” Having one or more desiccants are the benchmark of a professional mitigation company.

Desiccant-Based Dehumidification is an interesting topic. Most people are aware of “cold-coil” dehumidification, which removes moisture from the air by condensing the moisture onto a cold surface. Desiccant dehumidification relies on adsorption or absorption power of desiccants, which are substances that attract water-vapor molecules from the air. They rely on adsorptive or absorptive process. Adsorption refers to a desiccant that does not change phase as it collects airborne moisture. Most adsorbents are solids; familiar examples include activated alumina, silica gel, and zeolites (molecular sieves). We see these packed in electronics cartons.

In water damage drying application, desiccant machines are designed to collect moisture on a rotating wheel coated with solid desiccant material. As damp air passes through one section of the wheel the desiccant on that section adsorbs water vapor, making the air drier than when it entered. Wheel rotation then exposes the moisture-laden desiccant to a “regenerating” air stream that strips the captured moisture away from the desiccant (desorption). The wheel rotates to the damp air collection port and it is ready to absorb more moisture from incoming air.

At SERVPRO we have dozens of cold “coil dehumidifiers” and a couple of commercial “desiccant dehumidifiers.” That’s one more reason we are proud to be an experienced and professional mitigation company capable of helping commercial clients. SERVPRO of West Oakland (510) 599-9300

Free and Lunch and Learn Programs

6/5/2022 (Permalink)

Owner Clayton Barry performing a training program. Owner Clayton Barry performing a training program.
 We offer educational programs to the community. For example, Lunch and Learn programs on a variety of topics are part of  SERVPRO of West Oakland  ’s commitment to consumer education. Classes are scheduled to include a breakfast or tasty lunch. Topics are always designed specifically for insurance agents, realtors and building engineers. We have programs that are fifteen minutes in length and expanded versions that are thirty minutes long. Programs can be customized for your organization to address information that is of special interest to you. These lively programs stimulate questions. You can expect to spend another ten to fifteen minutes providing answers. (These programs do not provide State approved educational credits. But, in some cases the presentations qualify as “safety training” meetings.)

SERVPRO of West Oakland  also provides Continuing Education (CE) classes about: water damage mitigation, Fire cleanup, Odor Control, Mold Education and even Ethics. These programs are approved by the California Department of Insurance and the Department of Real Estate. You can earn approved credits by attending these classes. There is no test, just a commitment on your part to attend the entire class. Most classes are two hours in duration. One class for realtors is three hours, as mandated by the State of California. Every class includes a complimentary lunch. We also perform live demonstrations of equipment and cleaning techniques whenever possible. Attendees love these demonstrations!

At SERVPRO of West Oakland its our pleasures to provide your organization with information about the disasters and problems that can affect your properties and clients, and the remedies to make it "Like it never even happened." If you have interest in educational programs please call us at (510) 599-9300.

SERVPRO Training House

6/4/2022 (Permalink)

Training Facility SERVPRO Headquarters has a fire cleanup training building.

SERVPRO Training House

SERVPRO Industries, Inc., one of America's largest franchise systems provides training for 1,700 independently owned and operated franchise locations.

SERVPRO of Belmont/San Carlos owners learned how to perform fire cleanup at the SERVPRO training house at corporate headquarters.

The two story home is "smoked up" with a variety of different types of smoke. (There are at least four basic types of smoke and each is cleaned with slightly different cleaning agents.) Certain materials when ignited produced different gases and soot. Each major type of soot presents cleaning challenges.

Participants in the training classes perform hands on cleaning. They use the techniques and cleaning agents innovated by SERVPRO. This assures better results when a SERVPRO franchises and their technicians respond to a local and "real" fire.

Contact SERVPRO of West Oakland at (510) 599-9300.

Winter Weather Tips

6/4/2022 (Permalink)

Baby in the snow Keeping you home safe and warm from winter weather is important.

Winter Weather Tips

Wintry weather is great at turning up problems you didn’t even know you had. Like that first really cold night in front of your fireplace that you thought was pure bliss — until you noticed a leak in the ceiling corner, which apparently was caused by a lack of insulation. How were you supposed to know that?

Many homeowners don’t realize they’re making critical missteps that can cost a ton when winter sets in. Here are seven wintertime mistakes homeowners often make (and what they could cost you!):

  1. Not Buying a $2 Protector for Your Outdoor Faucet

What It’ll Cost You: Up to $15,000 and a whole lot of grief

It’s amazing what a little frozen water can do damage-wise. An inch of water in your basement can cost up to $15,000 to pump out and dry out. And, yet, it’s so easy to prevent, especially with outdoor faucets, which are the most susceptible to freezing temps.

The simplest thing to do is to remove your garden hose from your outdoor faucet and drain it. Then add a faucet protector to keep cold air from getting into your pipes. They’re really cheap (some are under $2; the more expensive ones are still less than $10). “Get these now! “When the weatherman says we’ve got cold coming, they’ll sell out in minutes.”

While you’re at it, make sure any exposed pipes in an unheated basement or garage are insulated, too, or you’ll face the same pricey problem.

Wrap pipes with foam plumbing insulation — before the weather drops. It’s cheap, too, just like the faucet cover (only $1 for six feet of polyethylene insulation). And it’s an easy DIY project, as long as you can reach the pipes.

  1. Instagramming Your Icicles Instead of Preventing Them

What It’ll Cost You: $500 — if you’re lucky; a lot more if you’re not

Those icicles make your mountain homes look so picturesque, you just gotta take a few pics. But you better make them quick. Those icicles can literally be a dam problem. (Yes, dam — not the curse word that sounds the same. )

Icicles are a clear sign that you’ve got an ice dam, which is exactly what it sounds like: a buildup of ice on your gutter or roof that prevents melting snow and ice from flowing through your gutters. That’s really bad news because these icy blocks can lead to expensive roofing repairs.

Depending on where you live, expect to pay at least $500 for each ice dam to be steamed off. Leave the ice and you risk long-term damage, which could ultimately cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your roof, depending on what type of shingles you have and the size of the damaged area.

How to prevent them? Insulation. “Ice dams, icicles, and ice buildup on the gutters is a symptom of not enough insulation in the attic.

And “you need to have at least 14 inches of insulation in your attic, no matter where you live. If you live in a colder climate, you’ll need more.

If you don’t have the cash to insulate, heated gutter cables, which run between $50 and $150 each, can be a less expensive alternative when temporarily affixed to areas prone to ice damming.

  1. Going Lazy on Your Gutters

What It’ll Cost You: You really don’t want to be in a position to find out

It can be so tempting to skip gutter cleanups as winter nears. It seems like as soon as you clear your gutters, they clog right back up again. So what’s the point?

Well, if it looks like you’re living inside a waterfall when it rains, water is missing your gutter system completely. It’s being directed to your foundation instead. And a water-damaged foundation is never, ever cheap to fix.

A contractor can plug foundation cracks for $1,500 to $3,000, says David Verbofsky, director of training for exterior home products manufacturer Ply Gem. But a worse problem, one that requires a foundation excavation or rebuild, can set you back (gulp) $30,000 or more.

Suddenly, cleaning your gutters a few times each fall doesn’t seem so bad. A pro can do the work for anywhere between $70 and $250, depending on the size of your gutter system.

  1. Giving Cold Air a Chance to Sneak In

What It’ll Cost You: Nights where you never feel warm, despite sky-high heating bills

“If it were possible to take every crack on the outside of a typical home and drag them together, you’d have the equivalent of a three-by-three window open all the time,” says Lipford. Yikes.

Yet cracks can be easily and inexpensively sealed with a simple tube of caulk, and it’s available in hundreds of colors to match your window panes, outside siding, and even brick. Not sure where to caulk? Look for visible cracks around:

Window sills


Fireplace or dryer vents

Anywhere something inside pokes a hole to the outside

  1. Not Getting Personal with Your Thermostat

What It’ll Cost You: Money you could spend on something else besides heating

We all know we should, but we seem to have some mental block when it comes to programming our thermostats to align with our schedules. It’s not that hard, and sometimes all it takes is buying a new one that suits you. (Like maybe a Wi-Fi one that’ll give you a little money-saving thrill each time you swipe your app.)

“From a cost-savings perspective, a programmable thermostat is a great investment, as much as 10% off your energy bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

  1. Skipping Furnace Tune-Ups

What It’ll Cost You: A furnace that’ll die years before it should — and higher energy bills.

Forget to service your furnace and you could easily cut five years off the life of your system, five years is a full third of the typical unit’s life span. New units can cost around $4,000 installed, making the $125 annual maintenance charge a no-brainer.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to replace the furnace filter, which cleans the air in your home, and also keeps your furnace coils cleaner, which can shave up to 15% off your energy bill. We suggest at least every three months, but possibly as often as monthly if you have allergies, pets, or smoke cigarettes at home.

  1. Foregoing a Fireplace Inspection

What It’ll Cost You: Possibly your life — and your home

A cozy fire is great, but if you don’t maintain your chimney, a fire can cost you thousands of dollars, not to mention the risk to you and your family.

Schedule your maintenance appointment as early as you can.If you wait until the busy season, you’ll have a hard time getting them out there, you’ll pay more, and you’ll get a lower quality job.

Contact SERVPRO of West Oakland for storm damage at (510) 599-9300.

What happens when fire damages contents?

6/4/2022 (Permalink)

Files damaged from fire damage Contents, even important documents are often damaged during a property disaster.

Fires in homes and offices may completely destroy some structural materials and personal items (contents) too.  Depending upon the insurance coverage purchased, policies will customarily pay to rebuild or replace structural materials, including personal contents that are destroyed. Insurance jargon refers to these astotal lossor non-salvageable items. Adjusters request that restoration companies make an honest evaluation of what can be cleaned or repaired and what cannot be salvaged. If there is uncertainty, they direct the restoration provider to make a test by attempting to salvage. If the results are not satisfactory we are to stop cleaning. SERVPRO will provide an inventory of items that are deemed to be total loss/non-salvageable. The “total loss” inventory is usually supported by photographic evidence and job notes/reports. Sometimes, the adjuster or property manager/agent may want to personally inspect damaged items. It is the adjuster who makes the final determination concerning the total loss items based upon the terms of the insurance policy. Final cost settlement (reimbursement) is between the policyholder and the insurance company (not us).

Please Note: the term is “total loss” is not total lost. At all times, non-salvageable items are in a chain of custody. They are not lost. In fact items are disposed of only after we receive an “Authorization to Dispose” form from you (the policyholder) or at times your adjuster who has gained your approval.

If your property suffers a damage, we are here to help. If you need content cleaning or advice, please call us at: SERVPRO of West Oakland (510) 599-9300.

Facility Engineers... consider using an emergency pre-work authorization agreement.

6/4/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO proactive disaster recovery plan We offer a special emergency ready plan that includes a pre-work agreement.

SERVPRO of West Oakland has developed a simple pre-work authorization agreement we call,Green Responsefor our commercial clients.It is a proactive disaster recovery plan providedby SERVPRO of West Oakland.It allows us to work with you in pre-planning for the complex challenges that often arise during a major catastrophe such as fire, extreme flooding, earthquake, etc. Your participation in this plan will empower us to mobilize and direct a coordinated team of restoration specialists who will work on your behalf to make it…better than before.

Green Responseclients sign an agreement that pre-authorizes our company to provide prompt emergency services. In this agreement the labor and materials pricing schedule and payment terms are determined in advance to prevent misunderstandings, and to expedite services.

OurEmergency Response Managerwill tour your facility to work with you in developing a specific and comprehensive restoration/mitigation plan for your location.

Once a preparedness plan has been determined, our team will conduct a meeting at your facility to establish a working relationship, to address your concerns and demonstrate how we may best satisfy your needs. There is no charge for this service. Your investment will be a few hours… time well spent for peace of mind to protect your facility.

Call SERVPRO of West Oakland (510) 599-9300for additional details.

Where to Get Storm Flood Damage Restoration Services in Oakland

10/29/2021 (Permalink)

Lightning strike/ Storm Homeowners have to deal with many things which may include storm damage. SERVPRO is available 24/7 to assist with remediation services.

Property Owners Can Hire SERVPRO to Obtain Storm Flood Damage Repair Services in Oakland 

It is impossible to stop storms and floods because they are natural forces. However, they leave behind destruction on a larger scale. You need to hire a professional restoration firm to deal with the destruction. SERVPRO can help you to save your property and keep it from sustaining irreparable destruction.

When a storm strikes, there is stress and destruction that the heavy winds impose upon the structure of a home. That’s one of the things we can handle when performing storm flood damage repair in your Oakland residence. Our team is trained and certified to handle all kinds of issues arising from storm damage. SERVPRO’s comprehensive flood damage restoration services include:

  • Water Extraction – This involves getting the flood water out of the home using portable pumps.
  • Drying – We use efficient equipment like refrigerant dehumidifiers to dry the affected building materials.
  • Cleaning – Flood water often contains microorganisms. We use antimicrobial products to eliminate microbes. These products act against microorganisms to prevent their development or to stop or limit their growth. 
  • Deodorization – Our SERVPRO team can eliminate bad odors using products like deodorizing pellets or granules, odor counteracting beads, and water-based counteractants. 
  • Full Restoration – We provide full restoration services to restore your home to its pre-damage state, including roofing repair, carpet replacement, and hardwood flooring repair. 

After storm flood damage, structural items such as subfloors and walls may need cleaning. Our SERVPRO team can clean restorable materials using the right cleaning method for the kind of material affected. We use professional products based on the label requirements. We ensure that a home looks great or even better than it appeared before the water damage. 

Our technicians can also evaluate all the items exposed to high humidity for cleaning needs. If some of your wood furniture has been exposed to high humidity, we can clean and polish it. 

When you need assistance in restoring your property after storm flood damage, call SERVPRO of West Oakland at (510) 599-9300. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What are Ways Oakland Business Owners Can Avoid Needing Water Mitigation?

10/12/2021 (Permalink)

Standing water in a warehouse SERVPRO of West Oakland knows the importants of restoring water damage to your building. Call us today for assistance.

SERVPRO Techs Can Assist Oakland Property Owners Develop a Water Damage Recovery Plan

While there are many actions that Oakland business owners can take to limit water damage occurring to their buildings, it is not 100% avoidable. SERVPRO technicians can inspect properties and determine potential areas of concern and recommend fixes. 

Oakland property owners should draw up a water mitigation plan or make use of the SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile Plan--ERP. This is designed for use by both commercial and residential property owners, and the user interface allows for the customization of the important elements for each property. Some of the perks of the app are: 

  • Business owners get a no-cost assessment
  • Creation of a profile document that contains important information to be used in case of an emergency
  • A helpful guide to reopen your building safely

Business owners can take actions to lower the risk of needing water damage restoration in proactive steps. Regular inspections of the building should occur on at least a monthly basis. This single act can catch small leaks or property damage before it becomes a big problem. Having trees or tree limbs removed that could potentially fall on the structure. Consult with the landscaping crew about drainage around the property to prevent water pooling after heavy rains. 

These steps performed regularly can greatly lessen the potential for damage to the property and contents from water. And in the event, a toilet backs up or pipe bursts, the SERVPRO team is ready to come to extract the water and dry the structure to limit the downtime needed for the restoration services. 

SERVPRO of West Oakland at (510) 599-9300 is available 24/7 to handle commercial water mitigation in Oakland properties.

What Tools are Needed for Fire Damage Restoration in West Oakland Properties?

10/5/2021 (Permalink)

Soot damage on a white wall Fire damage can become very complicated. Call SERVPRO of West Oakland to ensure your fire is appropriately handled.

SERVPRO Technicians Have the Training and Equipment to Perform Post-Fire Cleanup in West Oakland Homes

There are different types of fire and smoke damage left behind in West Oakland properties. All the scenarios have in common that they have the potential for the best outcome when homeowners hand off the fire cleanup to a professional company. 

A large part of West Oakland fire damage restoration services is the removal of soot and smoke damage. When a fire burns, the temperature it burns at, along with the types of articles consumed by the flames, contributes to the kind of soot and residues left by the fire. SERVPRO technicians typically encounter different types of residues in a single room, such as: 

  • Smoke webs 
  • Dry smoke
  • Wet smoke

Soot Removal Done Right

There are a couple of different actions the technicians can do for walls and ceilings with soot covering. Homeowners should avoid trying to get soot off walls on their own. The act of adding moisture to dry smoke can drive the soot particles into the sheetrock and ruin the chances of restoration. SERVPRO techs have specific tools for the removal of this type of smoke damage. 

The other most common type of smoke residue is wet smoke. This type strongly adheres to whatever surface it is on and often requires a solvent-based agent to release the grip. Because solvents can damage some surfaces, the area needs to be tested so the best cleaning method can be chosen. SERVPRO technicians perform detailed testing before they begin the restoration services to ensure they only use the correct cleaner for each situation.

SERVPRO of West Oakland at (510) 599-9300 stands ready to support West Oakland residents with any fire damage restoration needed.

What are Tips for Choosing Among Water Restoration Companies in Oakland?

9/29/2021 (Permalink)

A red toy house sitting in a puddle of water. SERVPRO of West Oakland is here for all of your Oakland property water damage needs.

SERVPRO Techs are Trained and Certified to Deliver the Best Outcome After Water Damage in Oakland Properties

A property owner can merely do so much to guard against water damage in an Oakland property. Inevitably, a pipe burst, flash flood, or roof leak can happen and need prompt attention.

SERVPRO stands out among Oakland water restoration companies as their technicians have extensive training and can handle the repairs and rebuilding on the back end of the home cleanup job. 

Professional equipment makes a huge difference in the outcome after even a small water damage incident. The contrast between consumer-grade fans and the devices SERVPRO has access to has no comparison. The drying equipment the techs bring include:

  • Drying mats
  • Tubing for creating direct air delivery as needed
  • Centrifugal air movers
  • Industrial dehumidifiers

Another problem homeowners run into when attempting to do their own water cleanup is that they cannot tell for certain if there is water behind walls or under flooring. SERVPRO technicians have probes and infrared cameras that can pinpoint areas where moisture has collected so it can get extracted and dried. The pumps, both portable and truck-mounted, have enormous suction and can lift out even embedded water. That is why the techs spend extra time pulling the extraction wand several times over the same area to remove the maximum amount of moisture. This attention to detail during the cleanup can help lessen the drying time needed. 

The drying time estimations are something that SERVPRO technicians estimate from years of experience plus the input from various pieces of equipment that detail both interior and exterior humidity levels. 

SERVPRO of West Oakland at (510) 599-9300 remains the choice among professional water restoration companies in Oakland. Call anytime 24/7 for fast, efficient service from trained and certified technicians.

What Over the Counter Products Work to Remove Fire and Smoke Damage in Oakland Properties?

9/16/2021 (Permalink)

smoke and soot damage on wall SERVPRO can effectively remove smoke and soot from your home.

SERVPRO Brings Professional and EPA-Registered Fire Damage Cleaning Agents to Oakland Jobs

Unfortunately, cleaning an Oakland structure and contents after fire damage requires more than a single magic cleaning solution. SERVPRO technicians have access to a wide selection of cleaning agents to work any surface. Plus, the comprehensive knowledge to use these cleaners effectively.

SERVPRO techs bring Oakland properties with fire and smoke damage back to a like-new status using both their professional solutions and restoration training. Walls and ceilings can present a problem, as high heat fires can leave behind light, powdery residues. The technicians have specific tools and cleaners for latching onto this type of smoke damage and lifting it gently off surfaces. Using wet cleaners can drive the soot into painted walls and ceilings, creating more damage. Knowing when to use specific cleaning agents and methods for different residue types is just one of the key reasons to hand off the house fire cleanup tasks to a professional restoration services company.

One of the fundamental elements to a successful fire and smoke damage restoration in a local property is removing any lingering fire odors. While SERVPRO has specific equipment to neutralize pungent smells that fires can leave behind, there are other applications such as: 

  • Odor counteracting beads
  • Deodorizing granules or pellets
  • Concentrated water-based deodorizers

The counteracting beads are a solvent within porous materials. The beads get placed in a glass or foil container, as the solvent within the beads can soften plastic. They work especially well when long-term odor control is needed. Frequently used fragrances are cherry or cinnamon.

SERVPRO of West Oakland at (510) 599-9300 supports the local Oakland community with professional fire and smoke damage restoration services. The trained and certified technicians are available 24/7.

How Does Drying Equipment Assist Water Cleanup in Oakland Commercial Properties?

9/9/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment being used in commercial space When water damaged this office, SERVPRO was there! We provided complete water damage restoration.

SERVPRO Brings Professional Drying Devices to Every Oakland Water Damage Job

Consumer-grade drying equipment such as box fans can assist in drying small-scale water damage in Oakland commercial properties. However, using a professional service can eliminate the potential for post-restoration issues. 

SERVPRO brings a variety of drying equipment to Oakland business properties needing water cleanup. After the extraction of the water from the premises, SERVPRO techs use their moisture detection equipment to set up the drying equipment such as: 

  • High-velocity air movers
  • Industrial dehumidifiers
  • Specialized drying configurations for wet carpet or hardwood

When the drying phase of the water damage restoration services begins, the technicians determine how long it will take to dry the area using multiple considerations such as the seal on the building and the current weather conditions. This plan enables the techs to create an accurate timing of their quoted drying goal.

Air movers are one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment SERVPRO relies on to dry properties. Axial air movers are flat squares and deliver fast airflow. The technicians set up numerous devices to bring down the interior humidity levels and dry the structure. 

The other type of air mover that the techs rely on is the centrifugal air mover. This device looks like a snail shell and is ideal for direct airflow to a specific area, such as floating a carpet to dry the backing and pad or tenting over a hardwood floor or wet space. 

Both types of air movers create a chain reaction that causes any embedded moisture to rise from within surfaces left after the extraction. The techs monitor the drying process of the restoration very carefully using multiple types of equipment, including probes and moisture meters, to ensure that the drying goals for interior humidity levels get attained. 

SERVPRO of West Oakland at (510) 599-9300 stands ready 24/7 to help local commercial Oakland properties with any size or type of water cleanup needed. 

Basic Principles of Cleaning Used for Business Water Intrusion

9/6/2021 (Permalink)

debris from water damage on a soaked carpet When water damage happens in your store, thorough clean up is essential. Contact Team SERVPRO for effective water removal and drying services.

Water Cleanup in Emeryville Businesses Requires Specific Cleaning Steps

In a commercial water intrusion, often the carpets and content are the main concern. SERVPRO has different carpet and textile cleaning methods, but fast water mitigation is needed for proper restoration.

Principles of Cleaning

Commercial water cleanup in Emeryville requires experience and training. SERVPRO technicians have both. We follow the basic principles of cleaning in each situation and apply whatever specialty techniques are needed as issues arise. The six principles of cleaning textiles include:

  • Remove Dry Soil – Over 74% of the soil in textiles is dry particulates. Because they are dry, our techs can remove them easily. Vacuums and dry sponges are the most common methods used to get rid of dry soil.
  • Identify the Surface – it is vital to determine whether the surface is porous or non-porous. Textiles are porous, but it then has to be determined if they are natural or synthetic. Different cleaning methods are used depending on the textile makeup, so this step is important. 
  • Identifying the Soils – Soils are either water-based or oil-based. Water-based soils get cleaned with a water-based cleaning product and oil-based with the appropriate cleaning agent. 
  • Suspend the Soils – If the dry soil removal process didn’t remove the dirt, the soil must get suspended. The cleaning agent is applied and agitated to help loosen the soil. 
  • Removing the Soil – This is known as the rinse step when cleaning textiles. The suspended soils get removed along with the cleaning agent. 
  • Dry the Surface – Textiles should be dried as quickly as possible to prevent secondary damage such as mold. Air movement, heat, and low humidity are all part of the drying process. 

This process can get used on carpets, drapes, and other textiles. For professional water cleanup, call SERVPRO of West Oakland at (510) 599-9300.

Storms Can Bring Gallons of Water into Oakland Homes

8/27/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded basement with water covering the floor Basement flooding is a common occurrence that needs to be handled right away. Team SERVPRO has the extraction tools to tackle the flood damage job.

Flood Damage in Oakland Calls for Powerful Water Extraction Tools

Whether you experience basement flooding or your whole lower level is impacted, flooding can be devastating. The water contains all kinds of contaminants, and only a professional should provide water mitigation. Removing the water is the key to restoration, and that requires commercial strength water extraction tools.

SERVPRO’s Powerful Extraction Units Remove Flood Water

Flood damage in Oakland calls for fast water mitigation. The contaminated water alone can cause serious damage. The longer the moisture sits, the more problems occur. SERVPRO technicians arrive on the scene ready to do battle with the floodwaters. In their arsenal of tools, they have various water extraction equipment. These include:

  •   Self-Priming Trash Pumps – When the suction lift is less than 25’ and the discharge head is less than 100 feet, these are very effective. They can handle liquid that contains solids. Trash pumps can handle solids up to 1 ¼”, semi-trash pumps up to 5/8”, and slurry pumps remove fluids with sad or mud. 
  • High-Pressure Pumps – These pumps are excellent for pumping out underground areas such as basements. They do not handle solids. 
  •   Electrical Submersible PumpsSubmersible pumps get used more than any other in water extraction situations. They do not have suction lift limitations and can run continuously. We have small portable units and large industrial units.

Choosing the Right Pump for the Job

Our technicians have the skills to know which pump is the right one for the flood removal situation. They work long and hard to provide water removal services that restore your home to preloss condition whenever possible. If you have flood damage, contact SERVPRO of West Oakland at (510) 599-9300.

Does SERVPRO Handle Mold Remediation in Oakland for All Types of Mold?

8/26/2021 (Permalink)

Hand pulling back wallpaper exposing mold SERVPRO is trained and has the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to safely remediate mold in your home.

SERVPRO Has Extensive Training in Mitigation of Mold Damage in Oakland Properties

When mold damage occurs in an Oakland property, although there are many types of mold, all species have some similarities, such as:

  • Airborne spores are harmless and often airborne
  • Mold spores can enter homes through anywhere air can flow
  • Spores will not germinate without moisture
  • Colony growth gets sustained with an organic food source and temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Mold remediation needs to begin in Oakland properties as soon as possible to limit the spread. It is essential to know the different types of mold being seen. Here is a brief overview of common mold types found in Oakland properties:

  • Cladosporium may appear in green, brown, gray, or black colors and powdery, dusty appearance. Spores can become airborne if disturbed through wiping. Aspergillus may be white, yellow, and sometimes turn black.
  • Penicillium is the white or greenish fuzzy mold most often found on food.
  • Alternaria is a dark green, gray, or black mold with long-reaching "hairs." This type of mold is frequently found on carpets, clothing, and textiles.
  • Stachybotrys is a type most people have heard of, also known as "Black Mold." It can grow on practically any surface and tends to have a slimy appearance.
  • Memnoniella mimics the appearance of black mold but is not wet or greasy looking. 

SERVPRO technicians have comprehensive training for safely handling the mitigation for all types of mold. The technicians do not perform air quality tests to determine the mold types present in the home. We treat mold infestations following specific protocols, not based upon the mold species. Most importantly, they can dry and remediate the colonies and apply treatments to inhibit the issue's return. 

Call SERVPRO of West Oakland at (510) 599-9300 when the need for fast, efficient, and professional mold remediation arises. The technicians are available 24/7 for Oakland property owners. 

How Are Thermal Imaging Cameras Used in Oakland Homes with Water Damage?

8/22/2021 (Permalink)

a thermal camera looking at a house Thermal cameras can detect excess water remaining in walls and other parts of the home. Team SERVPRO has the trained personnel and equipment to help.

Infrared Cameras Are Just One of the Tools SERVPRO Uses in Water Mitigation in Oakland

Also known as infrared cameras, thermal imaging cameras discover and monitor the moisture in building materials. They are a valuable evaluation tool at the beginning of a project. They help our team discover how the water traveled through the building. At the finish of a project, they help determine how successfully drying went.

Benefits of a Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging cameras show infrared images, not moisture images, in Oakland homes that need water mitigation. While they help track moisture, it is not because they detect liquid. They detect the temperature differences on surface material. Wet surface areas show up as a different color than dry surfaces. This ability makes it an invaluable tool for finding hidden moisture. It doesn’t see behind or inside materials, but what it does detect on the surface often indicates what is underneath. Benefits of using the infrared camera include:

  •   Helps with Inspecting Difficult Areas – Places like high ceilings can be hard to reach with a moisture meter. Infrared cameras can get aimed at the location from the floor.
  •   No Building Destruction – Thermal imaging cameras cause no damage to the structure. 
  • Saves Time – Moisture inspection can be time-consuming if you have to go over a large building using moisture meters. Using a thermal camera to check large areas is much faster.

Thermal cameras combined with moisture meters are a powerful tool for providing a broad picture of where moisture is located. They allow SERVPRO to provide professional water damage services that remove all moisture and restore your home. Contact SERVPRO of West Oakland at (510) 500-9300 for quality water remediation.

Can a Professional Water Damage Company in Oakland Help with Flash Flooding?

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

Flood water SERVPRO can help with any level of flood damage in your home or business.

SERVPRO is Standing by to Assist Oakland Homes When Flood Damage from Flash Flooding Occurs

Flash flooding can happen anytime there are severe storms and heavy rains. When this happens, homeowners can end up with over a foot of water in their homes. If flash flooding occurs in your area, the best thing you can do after assuring your family is safe is call in professional water mitigation experts.

More Than Just Water to Deal With

When flood damage occurs in Oakland, it brings with it more than just copious amounts of water. The liquid that surges through your residence carries all kinds of contaminants and debris. It is a biohazard and requires the proper equipment and PPE for removal. Our technicians provide you with emergency mitigation from water damage that includes:

  • Water Extraction – We use special trash pumps that handle debris. This can include mucking out silt.
  • Containment – This protects your home from further damage from migrating moisture.
  • Sanitizing Impacted Surfaces –This is done continually throughout the flood damage cleanup process.
  • Drying the Home – Powerful commercial equipment gets used in the proper ratio for efficient drying.
  • Controlled Demolition – Applied as need to ensure the home gets restored properly

Preventing Extensive Loss

Our IICRC trained technicians get to the flood scene as quickly as possible. The sooner you call us, the better if you want to prevent extensive loss. Our goal is to prevent secondary damage from causing even further problems. For water damage remediation and storm services such as sewage cleanup, contact SERVPRO of West Oakland at (510) 599-9300.

What Can Be Done About Strong Odors After an Oakland Fire?

7/9/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Contact us If you need professional assistance with fire damage, Call in the experts at (510) 599-9300. We are always available to help you!

SERVPRO Technicians Use Powerful Deodorization Methods as Part of Fire Damage Restoration in Oakland

A fire causes serious problems, and the pungent odors that occur can make your home unlivable. This can happen even when the fire is small and quickly contained. Deodorizing is a vital part of SERVPRO’s fire restoration services.

What Steps Are Taken to Mitigate Odors from a Fire?

Any residence that requires fire damage restoration in Oakland is going to have lingering odors. SERVPRO’s fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) quickly take action to clean your home. They get to the source of the foul smells and begin clearing the noxious odors from your home. If the odors remain, they can cause issues such as:

  • Health problems
  • Compromised air quality
  • Ruined content
  • Making the house uninhabitable

Getting Your Home Smelling Sweet Again

The smells in a home after a fire are a result of chemical and natural odors blending. Our IICRC techs know how to treat these and other issues. When we arrive, we start by removing the source of the odor. Charred wood and burnt carpeting are examples. Smoke residue on surfaces can lead to strong smells, so cleaning and sanitizing all impacted surfaces comes next. We employ actions such as:

  • Chemical containment
  • Vapor odor control
  • Thermal foggers
  • Applying sealants

No homeowner should have to endure a lingering reminder of a fire. That is why our technicians strive to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”  For professional house fire clean up, smoke remediation, and fire damage restoration, contact SERVPRO of West Oakland at (510) 599-9300.

A Severe Toilet Overflow Can Cause Problems for Oakland Homeowners

6/24/2021 (Permalink)

flooded bathroom/hallway For every level of water damage, SERVPRO's skilled experts are prepared to handle it day or night. Don't wait, give us a call.

Your SERVPRO Water Cleanup Experts Have the Answers for Flooded Bathrooms in Oakland

Like any water intrusion, immediate mitigation is the key to stopping damage. The cause of the in-home flooding determines the course of action our technicians employ. In the case of a toilet overflow, it may be water only or a combination of sewage and water.

Why is Quick Action Needed for a Simple Toilet Overflow?

Not only can a commode overflowing cause water damage, but if sewage is involved, it can be a biohazard. Issues that can occur with a bathroom flood requiring water cleanup in Oakland include:

  • Floor and subflooring can become water damaged
  • Contamination from a sewage spill
  • Ceiling staining and damage 
  • Foul odors from wet material or sewage
  • Moisture migrating under cabinets, bathtubs, or toilet bases
  • Mold growth

How Does SERVPRO Handle Bathroom Flooding?

The first thing they do is determine what type of water they are dealing with. If the problem happened because of a cracked toilet tank or ruptured water line, the water is clean, or Level I. If sewage is involved, it is Level III. The next main action is removing excess water to prevent further damage. Services we offer include:

  • Sewage cleanup
  • Water damage remediation
  • Dealing with burst pipes
  • Ceiling repairs from water damages
  • Water removal services

If you need water cleanup in Oakland, give SERVPRO of West Oakland a call at (510) 599-9300. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Can Professional Restorers Handle a Small Fire and Smoke Cleanup in West Oakland Properties?

6/8/2021 (Permalink)

wet blue book on a hanger SERVPRO has more advanced equipment than this photo for water and fire damage drying after a fire-damaging incident in West Oakland

West Oakland Homeowners Rely on SERVPRO for Fire Damage Restoration

The consequences of a fire on your West Oakland property can be devastating. Working to restore family routines and protect your investment is a top priority for SERVPRO. Our team of highly trained experts can help you get through the fire and smoke restoration process as quickly as possible.

Can SERVPRO restorers help with the insurance claim?

SERVPRO restorers always aim to make fire and smoke cleanup in West Oakland as simple as possible. To reduce the stress on our clients, we assist them in documenting the damage and providing the necessary information to their insurance provider. We also collaborate closely with our customers' insurance agents to keep you informed at all times.

How do restorers clean important documents and books?

We can clean your books and other important documents using specialized skills and products. However, the success of the recovery is determined by the severity of the damage. During the inspection and scoping, our SERVPRO technicians look at several items, including:

  • Water damage
  • Preexisting damage
  • Smoke and soot residues
  • Heat Damage

We can use advanced cleaning methods for papers, documents, and books with our lyophilization process—pressurized freeze drying in a special chamber. We typically cannot restore these fragile products to their original condition, but enough to preserve the appearance, especially important for keepsakes and photographs.

Secondary damages of fire begin to take effect immediately after the flames are out. Contact SERVPRO of West Oakland at (510) 599-9300 to avoid more damage. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Where Can Property Owners Seek Help When in Need of Mold Remediation Services in Oakland?

5/30/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing on wall by window SERVPRO dries the water soaked wall by the window, removes the mold, and applies an antimicrobial, "Like it never even happened."

They Should Hire Restorers from SERVPRO to Deal with Oakland Mold Damage

When mold grows in your home, it is vital to eliminate it quickly. Delaying the restoration process can mean costly and extensive remediation services. Mold can grow on trim, drywall, or unfinished wood surfaces. If the area is more than ten square feet, hiring a company like SERVPRO can help you to remediate the mold.

Mold remediation in your Oakland home can be a daunting task but you need to ensure that it is done at a reasonable price. With SERVPRO’s mold removal team, you can rest assured that we can complete the job right the first time. The cost of mold remediation varies based on the job. You are always presented with an estimate and scope of the mold remediation needed.

Mold Growth Needs Moisture

Water can enter your home through structural openings like foundations, windows, pipes, roofs, and leaky pipes. It can also enter your home because of:

  • Misdirected sprinklers
  • Poor drainage
  • Floods
  • High humidity during the summer
  • Lack of air conditioning
  • Inadequate ventilation

High humidity can cause materials to dry more slowly while low humidity improves drying. Air temperature affects the ability of water to move out from materials and the capacity of air to hold moisture. Our SERVPRO restorers can establish an initial environment that improves drying. We understand how to manipulate humidity and temperature levels to produce optimal drying conditions without causing secondary damage. We can isolate the affected area and use antimicrobial products to remove any remaining mold. Trust the IICRC certified technicians from our team to follow professional standards.

SERVPRO can also use an encapsulant or sealer to make the treated areas more resistant to water damage and mold infestations and also assist with odor control.

When your home has mold damage, you can trust SERVPRO of West Oakland to restore it to its normal state. Our 24-hour hotline is (510) 599-9300. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Whom Should Business Owners Call for Fire Restoration in Oakland After a Small Fire?

5/25/2021 (Permalink)

emergency breakin for fire For emergency fire damage cleanup and restoration for yur Oakland business--Call SERVPRO

Involve IICRC Professionals with Decades of Experience like SERVPRO to Help you with Fire Restoration in Oakland

The smoke and soot generated by a fire in your business can be difficult to remove on your own. During a fire, the staining normally extends beyond the surface. To restore your business to its pre-fire condition within a brief period, you require the skills of an experienced restorer like SERVPRO.

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire in your business can be troubling. However, if you contact our experts, we can manage fire restoration in your Oakland company promptly. Delaying restoration can lead to a wide variety of damages and losses. Furthermore, doing the restoration yourself can result in more harm, particularly if you are inexperienced.

SERVPRO Follows Specific Clean Up Protocols

Cleaning soot and smoke stains necessitate the use of specialized equipment and products. To remove soils from surfaces, our restorers can use four different methods, including:

  • Suspension and dispersion
  • Chemical action
  • Mechanical action
  • Lubrication

If our SERVPRO FRST fire and smoke damage technicians determine that chemical action is the best method to clean smoke residues on various surfaces in your business, we can use natural fabric brightener, a reducing bleach solution to clean porous surfaces and inventory.

Our team of restorers ensures to work as fast as possible to avoid having your business doors closed for days. For slight fire damage caused by a small amount of smoke and soot, we can work off-hours to get your commercial property ready for a morning opening, whenever possible.

Fire damage can continue to cause severe damage in your business, leading to very expensive repairs and losses. Contact SERVPRO of West Oakland for excellent commercial fire restoration. Call us today at (510) 599-9300.

Oakland Homes May Experience Storm Damage

5/18/2021 (Permalink)

A bedroom with standing water Call SERVPRO of West Oakland for your storm damage needs, we can help you take action fast.

SERVPRO is a Top Provider of Flood Restoration Services for the Oakland Community

The Oakland area has suffered its share of weather events in recent years. Fires, flooding, and droughts have all been in the news, leaving homeowners in need of water and fire damage restoration services. Many residents can attest to the importance of delegating such tasks to certified technicians who understand water removal services and flood restoration intricacies.

Flood remediation in Oakland is easier when you rely on SERVPRO and our expert staff. Water damage repairs are our specialty, and we take a meticulous approach to meeting the needs of each surface needing cleanup and restoration. We determine the most effective products and equipment we can use to return your home to pre-flooding conditions based on our extensive knowledge. When stormwater is involved, we dispose of items posing a danger due to their exposure to contaminants carried into the house. As we carry out the plan, we focus on humidity control, particularly as it pertains to its effects on the structure. Some of the most vulnerable areas include-

  • Insulation can become matted and create an environment suitable for mold growth. Its replacement may be the best option.
  • Wall cavities need to be ventilated, which we achieve by drilling holes into baseboards and pushing air into the cavity. Occasionally the moisture level is excessive, and we have to remove and replace portions of drywall.
  • Cabinets may also hold excess humidity, and we determine those levels by using specialized moisture meters that allow us to penetrate the darkest recesses of a cabinet.

SERVPRO of West Oakland is at your service when you call (510) 599-9300. We are identified as experts in our field, and all our knowledge is at your service when disaster strikes.

Sewage Cleanup in an Oakland Home is Easier with Professional Help

5/14/2021 (Permalink)

Standing water on a white tile floor. Let SERVPRO of West Oakland wrap our skills around your water damaged home.

SERVPRO supports Oakland Homes After Water Damage

Water leaks in an Oakland home can be unsettling, whether they come from burst pipes or ceiling leaks. Seeing your home underwater and your belongings rapidly deteriorating thanks to water exposure should be enough to catapult you into action. Emergency services for water-damaged homes are where SERVPRO certified technicians come into play and provide the latest in restoration and cleanup available to the industry.

In Oakland, our focus on water damage restoration has made a difference to all our clients. Situations involving basement flooding and cleaning up after a sewer backup become manageable once our SERVPRO team arrives with its expertise and equipment suitable for water damage restoration efforts. When microbes are present, as is expected in sewage situations, our team takes every precaution to protect your home and family from undesirable consequences. Some of the steps we take when performing water damage repairs include-

  • Use of personal protective equipment and establishing physical barriers throughout your home. 
  • Removal of damaged furniture and items beyond repair. Porous surfaces that have been in contact with blackwater need to be discarded to avoid continued bacteria growth. Our team handles the process in compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Application of antimicrobial solutions with equipment designed to reach all corners of your home.

At SERVPRO of West Oakland, we believe our work speaks for itself. Reach out by calling (510) 599-9300 and let us handle your water cleanup needs.

Professional Fire Restoration Technicians Guide Homeowners in West Oakland and Protect their Belongings

5/11/2021 (Permalink)

A living room and kitchen with fire damage.  SERVPRO of West Oakland knows how powerful a fire can be to your property, let us help restore the damage.

SERVPRO Inspects Fire Damaged Homes in West Oakland and Performs Advanced Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup

When a home in West Oakland experiences a fire of any size, there is a need for water and fire damage restoration to bring it back to mint condition. Experts at SERVPRO look at the home's structural requirements and the restoration of personal belongings. Fire and smoke damage only worsen with time so reaching out to our team immediately is pivotal in the fire restoration process.

In West Oakland, a fire cleanup process begins as soon as you call our round-the-clock hotline and invite us into your home. Upon ensuring the home is safe, we proceed to inspect the damage and make a plan of action. As we remove any water left behind by firefighters, we also apply cleaning and deodorizing techniques to help us erase all residue. Some of those techniques include-

  • Dry cleaning helps remove light soiling and debris without saturating the object with water and cleaning solutions.
  • Abrasive cleaning involves agitation to help loosen residue and make its removal easier. This method is pre-tested and cannot be applied to all surfaces, as it can cause scratching and further damage.
  • Immersive cleaning is used for things that can be completely immersed in a cleaning solution with no damage. Brushes and sponges help remove soil in items soaking in this type of cleaner.

When you contact SERVPRO of West Oakland, you unlock a personalized fire restoration plan for the contents of your home. Call us at (510) 599-9300 and let us provide comprehensive services for your fire-damaged home.

Unsurpassed Flood Extraction Ready for Oakland Properties

5/4/2021 (Permalink)

A white ceiling with a light brown water stain. Flood damage is nothing to hesitate on, call SERVPRO of West Oakland as soon as you notice water.

Call SERVPRO for your flooded Oakland home, and within minutes the flood damage team arrives with extraction tools and equipment for the job!

Flooding on any level can mean a lot of hidden moisture lurking within your Oakland home. Rather than leaving this task up to chance with DIY efforts, flood restoration with SERVPRO gets the job done right the first time. We are also readily available 24 hours a day so that you can feel confident a crew will be at your door and ready to work within hours of your initial call.

Why call SERVPRO for water removal services and flood extraction in Oakland? Because we have technicians who are IICRC-certified and ready to get to work as soon as possible to limit the loss and the onset of secondary damage. To facilitate water clean up to address hidden moisture, we will use:

  • Flood cuts – This helps to remove drywall or plaster up to several inches past the waterline. The area behind the wall gets dried, and the wall gets replaced with all-new materials.
  • Weep holes – These are openings that get punched into a bulging wall or ceiling to allow water to drain.
  • Drilled or Sawn holes – These get done after removable covering like panels, beadboards, or baseboards get pulled up – the holes allow for drainage and drying with improved airflow.

There is no project too great in size or too minute for the crew at SERVPRO of West Oakland. If you need flood extraction and water damage remediation, we are the team to call. Reach us 24/7 for emergency services water damage assistance at (510) 599-9300.

Does the Mold You Discovered in Your Oakland Business Call for Professional Removal?

4/29/2021 (Permalink)

A man catching water dripping from a moldy ceiling Never hesitate when it comes to mold, SERVPRO of West Oakland is ready to get you back in business.

Never procrastinate when it comes to mold removal – Let SERVPRO take a look at your Oakland commercial property!

Some business owners will make a common mistake by having their clean-up crew try their hand at mold removal. If you suspect that you have black mold growing anywhere in your Oakland business, you need to have skilled, highly-trained technicians take a look. Failure to do so could mean further damage to your commercial space or the onset of harmful effects for you and your staff. SERVPRO can take a look and begin mold remediation efforts to restore your business fast.

For mold removal in Oakland, you must have a complete mold inspection. Not only should you pinpoint all areas where mold is thriving, but you also need to address the cause. 

  • SERVPRO technicians perform a visual inspection followed by readings with an air content meter – this helps determine the mold spore concentration levels.
  • The team then looks for the moisture source or water causing the growth. Black mold spores need organic materials and a small amount of moisture to thrive. 
  • After the source of the problem gets repaired, and mold growth gets stopped, our team then thoroughly cleans and disinfects all areas where mold was present with the help of EPA-registered products. 

Our mold specialists here at SERVPRO of West Oakland will ensure that you get the commercial mold removal you need to stay in business. Call us at (510) 599-9300 to have a crew dispatched to your business as soon as possible.

Stormwater Removal with SERVPRO in West Oakland Gets Results

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

A ground view of a large bridge at night SERVPRO of West Oakland will give you results when it comes to your properties storm damage.

Never leave stormwater removal up to DIY methods alone – Call SERVPRO to your West Oakland property!

Rather a neighborhood than a stand-alone city, West Oakland is situated up in the northwestern area of Oakland, California. Looking back in time, the land that West Oakland resides on was granted in 1820 to Luis Maria Peralta. 

The Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989

During the devastating Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989, there was a collapse of the Cypress Freeway that took the lives of 42 people. West Oakland residents and rescue teams worked tirelessly to save as many people as possible, but the tragedy was too immense. Once the freeway was gone, locals resisted efforts for a rebuild, and gentrification started to take place in the West Oakland area. Warehouses got turned into art studios, pedestrian paths got put in, new gardens were installed, and older Victorian homes in the area started to get refurbished.

No matter where you go in the West Oakland area, you will always find various landmarks and historical sites to visit. This makes the region just right for taking a tour or spending a few days to take in some of the most notable points of interest, such as:

  • Mountain View Cemetery
  • Jack London Square
  • Oracle Arena
  • The Cathedral of Christ the Light
  • USS Potomac
  • Chinatown
  • Oakland California Temple
  • Bay Bridge Trail

Exploring Some of the Best West Oakland, California, Neighborhoods

It goes without saying that West Oakland is a diverse area with plenty of things to see and do. If you are looking to relocate to the region, it is best to get to know some of the neighborhoods, including:

  • Dogtown – This neighborhood in West Oakland was given the name years ago by local police due to the large stray dog population in the 1980s.
  • Oakland Point – Also known as Gibbons’ Point, this is a small neighborhood along the eastern shore and now home to the Port of Oakland shipping terminal.
  • Ghosttown – This neighborhood was given the 15th spot on the list of the coolest neighborhoods in the world for 2020. Ghosttown is the informal name given to the Foster Hoover Historic District.

West Oakland Property Owners Need Skilled Stormwater Removal to Prevent Secondary Damage

Harsh weather can bring on flooding that ravages West Oakland residential properties. Any standing water can put immense pressure on the structure of your home and turn into a costly event with the potential for mold and mildew growth. You need stormwater removal, and you need it quickly so that your home can get back to pre-flood condition, which is where SERVPRO can help!

When it comes to stormwater removal in West Oakland, our team at SERVPRO works diligently to mitigate loss and get you back on your feet. 

  • Our water restoration technicians (WRT) work under the restore versus replace mentality, which in turn keeps your claim expenses lower.
  • We have crew chiefs and project managers with the necessary experience to execute each phase of the job while keeping your insurance company informed.
  • All contaminated materials are either disposed of or cleaned thoroughly using our expertise and advanced equipment. When necessary, we perform water damage repairs using controlled demolition services.

Flood restoration and stormwater removal are what we are here for at SERVPRO of West Oakland. By calling (510) 599-9300, you will have a team at your door and ready to get to work as soon as possible.

What Are Fire Damage Emergency Services for Emeryville Homes?

4/12/2021 (Permalink)

blazing fire on a black background SERVPRO of West Oakland is here for all your fire damage needs in Emeryville.

Initial mitigation steps can improve restoration time and reduce costs for Emeryville homeowners.

Because damage does not stop spreading after a fire gets extinguished, our Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) must react quickly to help compromised homes and businesses. As overwhelming as fire and smoke damage can be, we have unique strategies to lessen the widespread losses with swift mitigation.

What Are the Common Emergency Services After Fire Extinguishment? 

Overcoming fire damage in Emeryville homes starts with the immediate services we provide after first responders clear the property for re-entry. Among the most common of these emergency services offered by our SERVPRO restorers is fire debris removal, which can reduce soot and odors' severity. Additionally, we can provide other actions like:

After a fire, the needs of your home require multiple types of recovery actions to overcome, which can begin with the arrival of our experienced fire restoration technicians. Call our SERVPRO of West Oakland team today to help at (510) 599-9300.

Is Professional Fire Restoration Necessary for Oakland Apartments?

4/9/2021 (Permalink)

Apartment building with smoke coming out the windows Even if your particular apartment was not on fire, there can still be damage. Call SERVPRO today will are ready to help.

Professional fire and smoke damage cleaning is wise for Oakland residences.

Apartment complexes and structures in the city can feature hundreds of units. When a single fire disaster impacts your residence, it can spread quickly to be an even more significant and more costly emergency. Our experienced fire restoration professionals can help with containment strategies and efficient restorative approaches.

What Fire Restoration Steps Help Restore Oakland Apartments? 

Air filtration can often be among the most critical initial actions for fire restoration in Oakland apartment buildings. This HEPA filtration can trap and capture hazardous particulates and carcinogenic particles. Air scrubbers can often help in this regard, but other HEPA products can also trap airborne debris and begin deodorization, such as:

As challenging as fire restoration can be when it impacts your residence, it can be a greater concern when these effects affect neighboring properties as well. Our SERVPRO of West Oakland team can help with efficient containment and cleaning strategies. Call us today at (510) 599-9300.

What Water Mitigation Steps Benefit Oakland Homes?

4/5/2021 (Permalink)

Standing water in a living room with floating chairs Standing water in your home? SERVPRO of West Oakland is here for the water rescue.

Water removal services and cleaning can aid in restoring Oakland properties. 

With how many potential water damage causes exist, many homes and properties throughout the Greater Oakland area are susceptible to these emergencies. We are ready to respond to these threats 24/7 with efficient water mitigation services.

What Are the Most-Used Water Mitigation Tools? 

Water mitigation for Oakland homes and businesses is among the most critical action our SERVPRO team takes, and the process typically centers on efficient water removal services. As overwhelming as surface water concerns might appear, we have numerous tools and instruments to remove pooling on flooring. The most common of the extraction tools used for water mitigation include:

Our SERVPRO of West Oakland team's initial actions when reaching homes and businesses after ceiling leaks and burst pipes can be among the most critical. We can help lessen restoration needs and ultimate costs with fast action. Give us a call today at (510) 599-9300.

Can Businesses in Oakland Recover Quickly from Commercial Water Damage?

4/2/2021 (Permalink)

A man sitting under water in a room Standing water in your business can be hard to wrap your head around. Give SERVPRO a call we are ready for all the water damage.

SERVPRO of West Oakland has Dedicated Water Damage Restoration Technicians for Commercial Properties

Commercial premises need to return to standard usage quickly after a water event to ensure a minimum loss of revenues. Using advanced drying equipment is a reliable way to reduce the turnaround time of restoration. However, understanding how to position drying equipment can be equally vital to fast drying times. 

Positioning equipment correctly is essential to water damage restoration in your Oakland business. Angling air-moving equipment ensures that air currents run freely through the premises and significantly speed up the building's evaporation and drying. By avoiding a head-on airflow with walls and ceilings, we can avoid causing water vapor damage to a building's structure.

  • Air movers are used in a clockwise system to ensure that air currents remain in motion throughout the premises.
  • We can direct air-movers into acoustical drop ceilings to allow airflow on both the ceiling's exterior and interior. 
  • Aiming air-movers at a 45-degree angle to the surfaces can significantly decrease the drying time. 

Minimize business interruption after water intrusion. Contact SERVPRO of West Oakland for water damage restoration at (510) 599-9300.

Repairing Storm-Related Flood Damage in your Oakland Home

3/30/2021 (Permalink)

water and moisture on a window seal Don't take one moisture from your storm damage alone, call SERVPRO of West Oakland immediately.

SERVPRO is a Leading Provider of Water Restoration for Flooded Properties in Oakland

Floodwaters that enter a property cause immediate damage to a structure and its contents. Emergency services like water extraction and pumping can help to alleviate losses through mitigation. However, ensuring the property does not sustain permanent harm relies on using a complete drying procedure. 

Closed system drying can be effective for flood damage recovery in your Oakland home. A closed system implies that the structure is sealed while drying equipment controls the indoor atmosphere. This drying equipment could include dehumidifiers or rapid-air movers with heating elements. 

  • Drying tents use polyethylene sheeting pinned down with sandbags. Technicians can then apply air-movers or temperature directly to the surface, which can be helpful for flooring.
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers can reduce the grains per pound of moisture in the air below 40. These are useful for reducing the moisture content of semi-porous materials.
  • Balancing the drying system ensures that dehumidifiers remove the moisture from the air as it is evaporating. 

Limit the long-term effects of moisture on your property. Contact SERVPRO of West Oakland for flood damage technicians at (510) 599-9300.

Why do Residents Use Fire Damage Restoration Services?

3/25/2021 (Permalink)

A aerial view of a city and water SERVPRO of West Oakland cares deeply for their city, call us for your fire damage.

SERVPRO Can Help Repair Smoke Damage in your Oakland Home after a Fire

Oakland is one of California's larger cities and among the most prominent ports along the West Coast of the United States. Situated nearby to San Francisco, the Oakland and Bay Area are essential contributors to California and the country's economy. As a port city, the region has diverse ethnic demographics, including a bustling Chinatown, Latin and Irish quarters. The historic downtown region offers stunning period architecture from the Victorian nineteenth century while its modern reputation as a cultural and technology center carries global prestige. Oakland remains a center in the US for import and export trading, with its port accounting for 99% of containers passing through northern California.

In recent years Oakland has seen a population growth as many residents from neighboring San Francisco seek out the city to the East. Among the popular attractions for residents are Oakland's signature block parties, which can close off several miles of the town at a time, as well as its fantastic cuisine, outdoor activities, and wineries. One example of Oakland's bustling culture is the First Fridays event every month on Telegraph Avenue. The event brings together live entertainment, street entertainment, barbecues, drinks, and immersive art experiences. Entry is free and provides an excellent introduction to the city's bohemian culture. 

  • Temescal Alley is a small independent retail district in Oakland, CA. The shops lining the street here are unique, including Crimson Horticultural Rarities, which stocks weird and wonderful plant life, and the Marisa Mason store that specializes in jewelry and accessories.
  • The Fox and the Paramount Theatre are both shining examples of the city's famous art deco architecture. Initially built in 1928, the venues host a range of contemporary and classic theatre throughout the year. The Fox doubles up as a concert venue and has a rotating weekly list of live music acts to enjoy.
  • The Redwood Regional Park is a 1,830-acre expanse that features trees up to 150-feet high. Fishing and hunting are both permitted at the park, while the various camping grounds and facilities are snapped up on weekends by visitors to the area. The state park also has a ten-million-year-old volcano with one of the highest peaks in Oakland. 

SERVPRO are Experts at Identifying and Correcting Smoke Damage in your Oakland Residence

Fire releases smoke, which can be detrimental to the indoor air quality and cleanliness of your home. We provide:

  • Smoke remediation
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration and cleanup

These smoke residues frequently bond with the surfaces they contact, requiring an expert technician to assess and remove the residues without causing excessive damage. SERVPRO is a local restoration service that can assist you with the cleaning and removal of smoke residues. 

  • Our technicians can use high alkaline cleaners to remove smoke residue from appliance surfaces and countertops. 
  • By dissolving greasy smoke deposits in a solvent solution, we can often rinse walls or furniture to remove potentially expensive smoke damages. 
  • SERVPRO technicians rely on environmental protection agency (EPA) registered products to ensure cleanup remains safe in the home and the local environment. 

If you need assistance dealing with smokes, contact SERVPRO of West Oakland for fire damage restoration at (510) 599-9300.

Are There Ways to Enhance Mold Remediation Processes?

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Mold on a white wall Mold damage can take over quickly, call SERVPRO of West Oakland.

SERVPRO Combines Traditional and Emerging Technologies to Manage Mold in Oakland 

It can be distressing to watch your home deteriorate from mold infestation. You might also be worried since mold exposure may cause health effects. If you are afraid of immediate recurrence or have challenges with common remediation approaches like cleaning up the affected areas and removing moldy materials, it may be possible to try alternative approaches.

The alternative mold remediation approaches Oakland homeowners can try may involve using unique products or changing the methods of applying regular antimicrobial products to improve their efficiency. Antimicrobial products kill mold spores through physical contact, and therefore any methods that enhance contact can deliver better results. Some of the unique approaches our SERVPRO technicians utilize include:

  • Using paints to suppress odor and halt mold growth
  • Applying antimicrobial products using foggers
  • Removing airborne residues using air scrubbers
  • Containment--securing the work area to prevent cross-contamination of spores or particles

When cleaning moldy surfaces, spores and mold residues are easily released into the air spreading the problem further. Air scrubbers with HEPA filters can help remove the residues. Our SERVPRO technicians also use thermal or ULV foggers, which atomize antimicrobial solutions, thus ensuring sufficient penetration into affected materials.

SERVPRO of West Oakland is committed to providing satisfying mold remediation. Call us at (510) 599-9300 when you need assistance.

Handling Carpets during Water Damage Repair

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A little boy laying on the carpet with a kitten. Water damage is no fun, let SERVPRO come handle the damage so you can get back to the fun.

For Convenient Restoration of Your Emeryville Home Call SERVPRO

When there is a water spill in a home, carpets and other floor treatments are heavily affected since water accumulates on the ground. Other activities such as people’s movement or furniture relocation add to the strain on such materials. 

Some of the steps taken during the water damage repair of Emeryville homes can damage carpets unnecessarily. After such physical damage, replacing the entire carpet or certain sections may be the only way to restore the house. Some of the typical problems that arise from poor handling of carpets include:

  • Stretching or tearing
  • Delaminating 
  • Mold development from moisture remnants

When SERVPRO repairs water-damaged houses, we take steps to ensure no unnecessary damages to carpets and other floor treatments.  For instance, where possible, we use specialized water extraction equipment such as ride-on rovers or water claws to avoid removing the carpet and reducing the chances of tearing it. We also use unique techniques such as floating, whereby we blow air underneath the carpet using air movers to ensure thorough and speedy drying thus, eliminating chances of mold development. 

SERVPRO of West Oakland utilizes various approaches during water damage repair to ensure no complications arise. Call (510) 599-9300 for tailored service.

Can Restoration Services Perform Structural Repair?

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Rain falling on a roof. Let SERVPRO of West Oakland to see what they can do for your storm damage.

We Know that Flood Damage Can Cause Physical Damage to your Oakland Home. Our Technicians Have the General Construction Experience Necessary to Perform Repair.

Violent weather events can damage roofing, windows, doors, and exterior buildings like garages. The consequent flooding, usually caused by heavy rainfall or road overflow, can further impact the structure of your home. 

Our flood damage restoration technicians in Oakland have a range of skills to help repair the physical structure of your home and your belongings. Our roster of technicians includes general construction industry training (OSHA), which allows us to rebuild your home without relying on third-parties. We also have extensive expertise in the restoration of contents following a flood event. 

  • Our group includes technicians with Carpet Cleaning (CCT), Rug Cleaning (RCT), and Color Repair (CRT) qualifications to help return fittings to a preloss condition. 
  • Physical parts of the structure and building assembly can be assessed by technicians with expertise in masonry (SMT), marble, and stone (MSI).
  • Our general construction training (OSHA) means you only have to deal with one point of contact throughout service.
  • In special cases, we may suggest third-party companies to assist with the build back.

Trust the experts with flood and storm-related repairs. Contact SERVPRO of West Oakland for flood damage restoration at (510) 599-9300.

What Repairs are Necessary after Water Intrusion in Oakland Business Premises?

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Water spots on a ceiling with exposed blue pipes. Water damage can take over quickly especially in a commercial establishments. With larger pipes and more water, call SERVPRO today.

SERVPRO Evaluates Property to Determine the Best Water Damage Repair Approach 

Water leaks and other intrusions in business premises are disruptive and require immediate attention to restore normal operations. You may expect that once you wipe off wet surfaces and open some windows, the problem is solved. However, in some cases, the problem extends beyond the excess moisture necessitating repairs.

Water damage repair tasks in Oakland range from challenging ones such as replacing wall or ceiling materials to simpler ones like redoing surface finishes. The outcome mostly depends on the type of business, the contents, fixtures, structure of building and the amount of water involved and the time taken to complete remedial processes. Some of the common issues you have to fix after water intrusion include:

  • Chipped paint or changes to other surface finishes
  • Soft or weak drywall
  • Water stains on materials like wood, concrete, or glass
  • Inventory transport offsite for drying and cleaning

Water, whether clean or otherwise, can cause staining. Stains from clean water usually develop because of mineral deposits dissolved in the water, left on surfaces. Removing such stains requires the right cleaning products. SERVPRO utilizes specially formulated cleaning products such as Window Green Clean which readily remove the stains. Timely drying can help save drywall while repainting or refinishing surfaces is sufficient to restore them.

SERVPRO of West Oakland sends well-trained technicians to your business premises to help with water damage repair. Call us at (510) 599-9300.

Can Soot Be Harmful to Your Health?

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Fire damage to a wood wall. Fire and soot damage can be hard to take on. Call SERVPRO of West Oakland today.

Fire Damage Restoration in Oakland Can Restore the Indoor Air-Quality in your Home.

One of the primary side-effects of a property fire is the impact on indoor air quality. When materials combust, they can release microscopic soot, chemical, or odor into an indoor environment. Lack of proper ventilation, such as in a stairwell, can cause consistent indoor air quality problems and health effects.

Comprehensive fire damage restoration in your Oakland home includes returning your indoor air quality to a pre-incident condition. We have a range of equipment at SERVPRO specifically designed to remove soot, dust particles, odor, and chemicals from indoor air. Following a careful assessment of your home by either a crew chief or indoor environmental specialist, we can set to work returning the property to its preloss condition. 

  • Industrial centrifugal or axial fans can provide a consistent air-flow in the property and ensure that harmful toxins are exchanged with clean, indoor air.
  • The placing of box-fans follows our use of fumigation equipment to ensure that odor removal is successful and solvents are reduced to a safe level.
  • Air filtration devices (AFDs) are specifically designed to filter out microscopic dust and soots, making your indoor air safe.

Returning property to a preloss condition includes air-quality restoration. Contact SERVPRO of West Oakland for fire damage restoration at (510) 599-9300.

Can Water Exposure Worsen Over Time?

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A aerial view of a city SERVPRO knows how important your property is. Call us today when it comes to damage.

SERVPRO in Oakland Can Mitigate Against Water Exposure and Lessen Exponential Damages in your Home.

Oakland is a port city on the West Coast of the USA and a thriving part of the San Francisco Bay Area. The storied history of the area owes much to the mid-nineteenth century gold rush. Prospectors arriving in California could use Oakland, and its busy port, to export raw materials worldwide. The growing population was supplemented in part by Chinese immigration, which has flourished in Chinatown neighborhoods. The region experienced a second boom in population during the early twentieth century with constructing a general motors factory in 1916. During the second world war, Oakland was a core part of military manufacturing leading to further population growth and ethnic diversity. 

Modern-day Oakland is a typical metropolitan region with several huge skyscrapers and over fifty individual neighborhoods. The thriving Central Business District is supplemented by one of the world's leading universities in Berkeley. The city is currently ranked in the top ten places to live in the United States and among the top twenty for economic opportunity. The cultural diversity alongside gentrification during the twenty-first century has seen Oakland develop into a tourist hotspot. Over 2.5 million people visit Oakland each year, while the city has more artists per capita than anywhere else in the United States.

  • The Oakland Athletics is a major league baseball team that plays at the Ring Central Coliseum on Oakland's outskirts. The stadium, located on Coliseum way, has a capacity of 63,132 and full corporate facilities. The construction of a new stadium is well underway, with a grand opening expected in 2023.
  • Boat tours covering the San Francisco Bay area with knowledgeable guides and group bookings frequently depart from Oakland Port. Trips typically include passing under the Golden Gate Bridge and intimate knowledge of the local history during the gold rush and the twentieth century. 
  • The Oracle Arena is a 19,600 strong seated basketball arena and live entertainment venue. Oracle was home to the Golden State Warriors, who played in the NBA here for Oakland until 2019. The stadium has hosted NBA finals consecutively for the past five years and is situated in Coliseum way.

SERVPRO Can Prevent the Damaging, Long-term Effects of Water Damage in your Home. 

Water exposure worsens over-time. The total impact of a water intrusion event depends on the types of material in the home and the length of time those materials are exposed to water. SERVPRO technicians can identify potential damage-causing issues quickly and put in place solid, mitigative controls to avoid permanent damage. 

  • Our technicians receive specific training relating to the treatment of organic materials and fabrics. We can help to reduce or negate the effects of water exposure on expensive furniture, upholstery, or textiles. 
  • Hardwood floors can absorb excess water and become warped. Using dehumidification equipment, our team can reduce the moisture content level before sanding out any existing damages.
  • We store a range of advanced equipment for restoring materials at a property. These include ultrasonic immersion cleaners and mechanical washing machines. 

Reducing damage from water exposure is an expert job. Contact SERVPRO of West Oakland for water damage mitigation at (510) 599-9300.

Why SERVPRO? Adherence to EPA Mold Damage Remediation Protocol

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moisture meter checking mold damaged wall SERVPRO inspects, identifies moisture problems, visible mold stains, and then remediates homes in Oakland

Oakland residents rely on SERVPRO’s research-based mold abatement

When mold growth signs appear in an Oakland home, panic can ensue. Media covers concerns about mold infestations frequently, but sometimes the high priority given to mold’s growth and damage fails to guide residents to effective abatement strategies. Contact SERVPRO for a consultation if you note any of the following signs:

  • A clear view of mold colonies on structures or contents
  • Persistently damp areas 
  • Staining of surfaces unrelated to spills, sprays, or other events
  • Musty smells regardless of other indicators

How Does SERVPRO Handle Mold Damage Remediation in Oakland?

  • Locates the mold colonies
  • Contains the affected area with barriers and air scrubbing technology
  • Brushes, scrapes, and employs controllable blasting techniques for porous materials to remove mold
  • Wipes down and uses HEPA-filtered vacuuming to collect debris, bagging all moldy materials for lawful disposal as hazardous waste
  • Disinfects affected surfaces with EPA-registered products
  • Arranges resolution of leaks or other moisture issues contributing to the mold problem

Make the call to SERVPRO of West Oakland at (510) 599-9300 to schedule a mold growth and damage assessment and remediation plan.

Contractor Licenses: General: 937457

Can Oakland Businesses Prepare for Fast Water Damage Recovery?

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tablet with ERP Be prepared for unexpected water or fire damage to your Oakland Business by requesting SERVPRO's ERP Emergency READY Profile Plan

Review SERVPRO’s Water Disaster Emergency READY Profile (ERP)

Successful businesses put a wide range of plans in place, ensuring smooth operations if problems arise. SERVPRO offers a unique Emergency READY Profile and Plan (ERP), partnering with companies in Oakland seeking water mitigation and remediation answers pre-crisis.

How Does SERVPRO’s ERP Work for Oakland Businesses?

The ERP involves a collaborative and proactive process designed to ready your business in Oakland if water damage threatens your operations. An experienced SERVPRO water damage project manager assesses your commercial space in-person and consults with you and your managers. We approach preparation in two ways:

  • Positive Pre-Disaster Changes 
  • Our expert vigilantly seeks out vulnerabilities in your layout and systems.
  • We deliver a post-assessment set of recommendations that can prevent and limit water damage.
  • You share information through our mobile app.
  • Practical and Concise Response Plan
  • The ERP distills information about your business layout and operations into a digital water damage recovery agenda:
  • Blueprints of your space, including locations of essential utility shut-offs 
  • A step-by-step work plan, accessible to our crews via mobile devices
  • Designation of SERVPRO as your preferred contractor 
  • Provision of a list of individuals who can act on your behalf to avoid delays 

Call (510) 599-9300 to start the ERP process for your business with SERVPRO of West Oakland.

Is the Average Homeowner Equipped to Handle Water Damage?

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A couple in a kitchen with rain falling down on them. SERVPRO of West Oakland is prepared to help Oakland homeowners take on water damage.

Most Homeowners are Not Prepared for Water Damage, However SERVPRO is Equipped to Help Oakland Homeowners. 

Many of us hesitate to purchase a home for different reasons.  Although financial reasons weigh heavily, homeowners also need to consider the commitment to the upkeep of the home once it becomes yours.  As a renter, the landlord or property manager typically takes care of repairs leaving the tenant generally free and unencumbered by mishaps typical to owning a home.  For example, when a carpet or floor is soaking wet because of a broken pipe, a tenant can reach out to the landlord, whereas a homeowner needs to research a reputable company to help restore the home.

In Oakland, SERVPRO is an expert in water cleanup services, which makes us a crucial resource once you cross the threshold into homeownership. Because we realize that emergencies happen around the clock, we make our crew available 24/7.  Whenever you find water damage to your property, we can help mitigate your losses by reducing the time lapse between the incident and the extraction of water.  All you need to do is call us and invite our Green Fleet into your home.

First-time homeowners tend to make the mistake of attempting the restoration process on their own. The difference between renting equipment from a home improvement store and allowing us to use our industry-specific tools can represent the difference between the proliferation of bacteria and a safe environment for you and your family.  Our SERVPRO technicians train specifically to understand the chemical composition of available cleaning agents, and we know how to use them to prevent further complications while protecting your furniture and personal belongings.  A poor restoration job can both set you up for issues like mold while damaging your furniture with abrasive solutions.  When you let us lead the way, you do not have to worry about microbial growth or the proper application of cleaning agents.  Our crew knows how to work with EPA-approved products and wearing personal protective equipment to shield our staff and your home from harm.

SERVPRO of West Oakland is here to help you keep your home safe.  Just call our professional team at (510) 599-9300 when you run into trouble and let our team apply its expertise to your benefit.  Like you, we want to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Fire Damage Restoration Services for Businesses?

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A commercial building on fire. Fire damaging your commercial property can be overwhelming immediately, call SERVPRO for relief today.

SERVPRO Can Help Remediate the Fire Damage Troubling Your Emeryville Business 

Owning a local clothing boutique in Emeryville can be incredibly rewarding, but fire damage could rain on your parade. Stocking unique fashion pieces from small businesses, and supporting local craftsmanship, is an excellent niche for your store. Modernly, the younger generations are attracted to eco-friendly fashion. However, fire damage could cause significant clientele loss if not dealt with quickly. 

Here at SERVPRO, we want to help you restore the fire damage in your Emeryville boutique as soon as possible. We understand how hard it is for a business to have its doors closed for even a single day. A fire could have your doors closed for much longer if not handled immediately and adequately. 

What Can SERVPRO Do to Help Me? 

Our technicians are expertly trained and have access to advanced technological devices explicitly designed with fire damage restoration in mind. We can: 

  • Come to your aid whenever you need it: morning, night, weekends, and holidays 
  • Take inventory of your stock to help you measure your losses 
  • Thoroughly remediate the damages inside of your building, including both what you can see and what you can smell 

We know one of your primary concerns is how the smoke damage may have impacted your stock- after all, you sell clothing. Our goal is to help remediate what is salvageable. What we cannot save of your inventory, we can help you claim with your insurance adjuster. 

How Can You Address the Powder Extinguisher? 

One aspect many people don't consider is how much of a mess snuffing-based extinguishment can make. However, here at SERVPRO, we come prepared. Our technicians can: 

  • Use vacuums, brooms, and rovers to remove debris and dust from your property, including ash and powder-based extinguishers 
  • Once finished cleaning the physical remnants of the small fire, we can address malodors with technology such as thermal foggers
  • Hydroxyl generators are another great way to reduce malodors inside of your store 

Our technicians' goal is to get your store back to its preloss condition as quickly as possible. The sooner you open the doors, the less loss you face. 

If your business suffers fire damage, never wait. Call SERVPRO of West Oakland by phoning (510) 599-9300. We're always ready to help!

There was A Flood in Oakland. What Dangers Might I Face in My Home?

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Rain falling in a dark sky with a sign. Flood damage can be hard on your Oakland property, call SERVPRO of West Oakland for assistance today.

SERVPRO Identifies Hazards and Creates a Safety Plan

Once the flood in Oakland recedes, you are left with dealing with the cleanup, and may also have to deal with both visible and unseen hazards. Coping with the heavy burden of your home in a state of upheaval can be a lot to handle all at once. Our restoration specialists lift that burden by assisting in the cleanup and restoring safety to your home. 

Should I Still Obtain Professional Assistance if it was Just a Minor Flood? Yes, Structural Damage May Present Itself Days or Weeks After the Flood.

It is crucial to deal with flood damage in Oakland right away to hinder further damage like deteriorating drywall or mold infestations. Our technicians come to assess the damage and ensure it is safe for both residents and workers before beginning the restoration process.

What are Some of the Potential Hazards?

  • Electrical: Water conducts electricity and can be very dangerous if the water reaches the wiring system. Technicians may shut down your circuit box or even the power source on the outside of your home.
  • Structural: Hidden moisture in drywall and flooring can weaken the surfaces, creating a potentially dangerous situation. For example, a ceiling full of water may collapse if not adequately addressed. 
  • Infectious Waste: Floodwater is considered contaminated by the EPA since it often contains sewage with potentially dangerous microorganisms. Technicians wear appropriate PPE when dealing with contaminated water. 

Before any work, technicians identify and address hazards to keep everyone within the home safe. After the hazards are taken care of, they may proceed with the cleanup and require restoration to get your home back to its preloss status. 

Contact SERVPRO of West Oakland at (510) 599-9300. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Can One Company Handle All Oakland Storm Damage Issues?

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golden gate bridge skyline SERVPRO says--Rely on us for flood damage mitigation in Oakland

SERVPRO offers mitigation and rebuilding after Oakland storms

Oakland suffered significantly from a massive storm in October 1962. Striking an 1100-mile swath from British Columbia to the Bay Area, strong winds, torrential rains, and mudslides devastated the area, resulting in 46 deaths and hundreds of injuries. Estimates immediately after the storm totaled California's dollar damage,  plus that to  Oregon and Washington, at $2.4 billion, adjusted.

What Was the Cause of the 1962 Storm?

On September 28, 1962, 500 miles from Wake Island in the central Pacific Ocean, an updraft formed. As it intensified and moved north-west. By October 3, it was named Freda and upgraded to a tropical storm. Over the next few days, it began moving north-east, becoming extratropical by October 10. Waning in intensity, the system drifted into a powerful storm formation zone off of northern California. The conditions re-energized the cyclone, pummeling the coast of California on the 12th and into the 13th.

What Were the Effects of the Storm of 1962 in Oakland and Elsewhere?

Dying cyclones rarely cause issues when they reach the Oakland area, losing intensity and the threat of significant damage. The extratropical cyclone origin of the 1962 storm makes it one of a kind occurrence, not happening at any other time in the recorded climatological record:

  • Oakland set an all-time October 24-hour record with 4.52 inches of rain.
  • Landslides and flooding cut off access to the Orinda side of the Caldecott Tunnel.
  • The tremendous amount of rain caused the Cull Canyon dam in Castro Valley to nearly burst.
  • Many residential and commercial buildings received damage because of falling trees, landslides, and flooding.
  • Across the Bay, the high winds delayed games in the 1962 World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the New York Yankees.
  • The storm caused the death of a five-year-old girl as mud and debris slammed into her house.

How Do Professionals Turn the Tide on Storm Damage in Oakland?

Floods and other Oakland storm damage overwhelm property owners. With the rigorous training, experience, and appropriate equipment SERVPRO brings to your extreme weather disaster, the journey back to "Like it never even happened," completes rapidly. Our company's licensed contractor status permits us to follow expert storm damage mitigation and remediation with repair and rebuilding services.

What Should Property Owners Expect During the Storm Damage Recovery Process?

After the call goes to SERVPRO, our team travels as soon as practical to your home. Although we have a general idea of the tasks ahead, our project manager must inspect your house's specific layout. After a safety hazard inspection, our crew:

  • Secures exterior damage, including boarding and tarping
  • Installs needed supports and provides signage to note and prevent traffic on unstable or weakened structures
  • Commences muck-out of mud and debris, bagging it for disposal as hazardous waste
  • Positions submersible pumps to begin water removal
  • Deploys truck-mounted extractors once water levels dip below two inches
  • Traces migration routes of floodwaters into confined areas and building cavities using moisture detectors and meters
  • Considers and then implements controlled demolition to access trapped water and open wet spaces for drying
  • Cleans and disinfects affected surfaces
  • Sets up effective and research-based drying configurations using air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers
  • Repairs damage and the planned demolition, rebuilding as needed

Hire SERVPRO of West Oakland for wrap-around mitigation, remediation, and restoration after storm-related damage to your home. We respond 24/7 to calls at (510) 599-9300.

Contractor Licenses:

General: 937457

Water Damage Restoration In Emeryville Can Involve Various Carpet Cleaning Methods

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A woman plunging a sink A plumbing failure can get out of hand quickly, call SERVPRO for assistance today.

SERVPRO Team’s Know Which Methods Will Work Best For Your Carpeting

If you ever suffer from any type of plumbing failure, it is possible that many of the contents and building materials inside your home will get wet. Moisture can then follow gravity and build up on your floors, which can force you to have to conduct extensive water damage restoration. Once your carpet gets wet after a pipe or an appliance in your house leaks, the moisture can become a magnet for dirt and soils.

Before they get dry, wet carpets can attract dust and dirt and cause your carpets to stain. One major step our SERVPRO technicians always take during water damage restoration in Emeryville is to clean your affected carpets after they have been dried out and extracted. When cleaning carpets and other upholstery, we can choose one or a combination of the following four different methods.

  1. Bonnet Cleaning

This method is the least aggressive cleaning method and can only be used to thinner carpets that have light soiling. During bonnet cleaning, our SERVPRO team sprays your affected carpets with Bonnet Brite, and then we use a roto with an absorbent bonnet pad to create agitation and then absorb the excess detergents.

  1. Hot Water Extraction

This method is the second to least aggressive and can work well when cleaning all types of carpets with light to moderate soiling. Hot water extraction occurs using a heavy-duty extractor with a wand that sprays the water-based detergent on the carpets as the extractor vacuums up the solution.

  1. Deluxe Pre-Condition And Rinse

This method is effective when attempting to clean carpets that contain moderate to heavy soiling. The deluxe pre-condition and rinse method also uses a portable or truck-mounted extractor, but the difference is that high traffic and heavily soiled sections of the carpet get sprayed with a pre-spray cleaner, and the chemical gets time to soak in before the cleaning 

gets conducted.

  1. Rotary Jet Extraction

Rotary jet extraction is pretty much the same as the deluxe and pre-rinse method, but an RX-20 rotary tool is used instead of a carpet wand.

If you ever notice soiling or stained carpets after they get wet due to a water leak, call SERVPRO of West Oakland at (510) 599-9300 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Can I Get Rid of The Smoke Smell After a Kitchen Fire?

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A man holding a burning pan in a kitchen Even the smallest of fires can cause problems. Let SERVPRO of West Oakland give you a hand.

SERVPRO Technicians Remove Odors After Even the Smallest Fire

Although the lingering smell of smoke after a fire can be tough to remove, our technicians use a variety of techniques and products to get rid of the strong smell. Even your clothing may retain the smell of smoke after a kitchen fire a few rooms away. It has a way of traveling throughout your home and penetrating every surface. 

How Do Technicians Rid the Home of Smoke Odor?

Our SERVPRO Technicians Use a Variety of Techniques to Deodorize Your Home

We understand that one of the worst parts of the fire damage in your Oakland home is the persistent smell of smoke. Our technicians remove the odor from the structure of your home, appliances, and your belongings by finding and removing the source of the odor and then deodorizing. 

What Makes Smoke Odor So Difficult to Remove?

  • Size: Smoke odor particles are very tiny, about the diameter of a human hair, and can travel into even the smallest nooks and crannies.
  • Heat: The hotter the fire, the more the particles expand, in turn causing a stronger scent. 
  • Time and Amount of Residue: The longer the particles remain on a surface, the deeper the scent. Likewise, the more residue present on a surface, the harder it is to remove both the residue and odor. 
  • Porosity: If the surface is porous, more odor particles can get in and then expand.

Following even a small kitchen fire, it can be surprising how the smoke travels and permeates into surfaces and your belongings. Our technicians get rid of the smell by cleaning surfaces, removing the source of the smell, and recreating the smoke by fogging small 1-4 micron-sized deodorant particles throughout the impacted area to attack the odor. 

For assistance after a fire, Contact SERVPRO of West Oakland at (510) 599-9300. We make it, "Like it never even happened."

Is Professional Water Cleanup Wise for Oakland Homes?

1/12/2021 (Permalink)

drying mats on hardwood floor Oakland structures benefit from SERVPRO's advanced equipment for drying after a water damaging event

Even with DIY restoration, there are still reasons to seek professional help with water disasters.

Because water disasters are such a common call out for our SERVPRO team, we stay prepared for these emergencies 24/7 in Oakland. Water continually moves and migrates throughout a property when it can, allowing an isolated incident to become a widespread concern for area residences. Despite the capabilities of DIY enthusiasts, there are advantages to choosing professional mitigation and restoration.

Choosing Thorough Drying for Your Oakland Home

When you need water cleanup for your Oakland home, we want to ensure that the problem gets resolved entirely. Our technicians use moisture monitoring equipment to track the progress of drying in a house to ensure that the placement of air movers and dehumidifiers is appropriate. Providing the most efficient drying and recovery solutions can save customers money by:

  • Completing drying and restoration efficiently
  • Preventing moisture concerns
  • Repairing plumbing and structural damage

No matter how small a water disaster might seem, our SERVPRO of West Oakland team can help make it “Like it never even happened.” Call us today at (510) 599-9300.

How Can Fire and Smoke Damage Get Cleaned in Oakland Homes?

1/12/2021 (Permalink)

hydroxyl generator working When fire damage disrupts your Oakland home, rely on SERVPRO for cleanup and IAQ indoor air quality restoration

Cleaning soot and smoke residues can be an intricate process during fire restoration.

Because of how devastating fires can be to Oakland homes, many have sought the thorough and experienced fire restoration technicians of our SERVPRO team. From the earliest stages of mitigation and emergency services to general contracting completed by our group of building trade professionals, we have a broad spectrum of restorative action we can take to protect and recover your home after a loss.

Removing Soot and Smoke Residues in Oakland Properties

When contending with fire and smoke damage in Oakland homes and businesses, soot and smoke residues are among the most challenging obstacles our restorers face. There are many potential solutions for soils on surfaces, but these options vary on the residue's composition and the underlying material. Soot removal often involves a combination of:

  • Abrasive cleaning
  • Soda blasting
  • Surface wiping
  • Agitative cleaning
  • Controlled demolition

Our experienced professionals can help remove malodorous threats after a fire with varied cleaning practices. Give our SERVPRO of West Oakland team a call whenever disaster strikes at (510) 599-9300.  


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