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a device with a flex duct and floor "tent"

Salvaging Expensive Gym Flooring in Oakland

After the local gym suffered a water flooding from a burst pipe, management knew whom to call--SERVPRO, we have the skilled technicians to rig positive pressure devices to dry out the hardwood planks and the subfloor, crucial to salvaging the playing surface. Now you know whom to call when your home springs a leak.

LGR dehu and air movers drying narrow hallway

Oakland Water Restoration

The fire suppressant system misfired in the hallway of this commercial building in Oakland. It was promptly shut-off, but the lingering water and dampness needed rapid removal. That was why the call was made to SERVPRO. Our equipment will have this area ready for business in the morning.

PVC plumbing and sump pump well, clean basement, not evidence of flooding

Basement Flooding Cleanup in West Oakland

This is how a flooded basement in West Oakland looks post-cleanup from our skilled SERVPRO team. We can use shovels, squeegees, pressure washings along with more advanced pumps and extractors. The sump pump is now functioning, the concrete walls and pad foundation are dry.

charred and burned walls and debris in this house

Oakland House Fire Cleanup

This Photo illustrates the mess left behind a house fire in Oakland. SERVPRO has the team and equipment to assess, plan, and execute a cleanup and demolition of all burned assemblies. We also improve the indoor air quality IAQ with our advanced equipment and products.

buckled planks, some lifted for drying

Water Damage Repair in Oakland

The hardwood planks in this Oakland home buckled from the standing water that was not removed within a day. Luckily, our SERVPRO techs have the skills to salvage these difficult to replace planks and save our customers money and aggravation—just another reason Why SERVPRO is the industry leader for water and fire damage restoration.

close, pad, two air movers

Oakland Water Damaged Closet

The carpet, soaked from water, was removed from this Oakland area bedroom closet. Our SERVPRO techs dried the concrete pad along with the trim and walls using heated air movers. We can then set new tack strips and replace the carpet.

trash container, LGR dehu and air mover in foreground

Oakland Water Recovery in a Bank

The pipe burst, actually split and spewed a considerable amount of water on the carpet and tile flooring in this Oakland area bank. SERVPRO arrived during the night to start the water removal to get the bank opened for business in the morning. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

hanging batten insulation from broken ceiling

Storm Damaged Roof in Oakland

When a roof is breached from strong winds and rainwater can soak the attic, a result like shown here is possible. The soaked batten insulation has broken through the ceiling panels creating a safety risk. Our SERVPRO technicians can remove all storm damaged debris and then start the restoration and drying.

soot and fire damage in an A-frame interior

Oakland House Fire Cleanup

The fire damaged structural components and also deposited thick layers of soot in this Oakland home. SERVPRO understands that odor control from the smoke damage is of primary concern for a complete restoration. We can start with air scrubbers and wiping down the walls.

wet carpet, base cabinets, equipment drying area, long table on side

West Oakland Water Removal

This large snack room/utility area of a West Oakland business suffered a water leak from the sink plumbing. To ensure a safe environment for the workers, our client called in us, SERVPRO, to quickly extract the water and dry the carpet with a dehumidifier and an air mover.

worker in white suit with servpro on back removing carpet padding

Oakland Mold Removal

Our SERVPRO technician has donned a Tyvek suit and other PPE protective equipment before removing the mold-infested carpet from the office in an Oakland commercial building. We protect our employees as we do the same for our customers and clients with a precise and safe mold removal service.

powder on corridor of commercial property, white

Powdered Fire Suppression System Cleanup in Oakland

The false alarm triggered the fire suppressant system in this Oakland adult care facility. We are inspecting the corridor as we plan to bring in the proper air scrubbers before vacuuming up the powder.

containment barrier of poly covering couch plus, some demolition on ceiling and walls

Oakland Flood Damage Remediation

The water has been removed from the flooding in this Oakland property. Our SERVPRO crew set up a containment barrier to protect some furnishings as we completed the drying portion of the storm damage service.

studs, damaged debris, burned joists

West Oakland House Fire Clean Up

Significant fires call for the expertise from SERVPRO FSRT fire and smoke damage restoration techs to remove the burned building elements, assemblies, and content. Count on us to clean it all up and prep for a rebuild.

poly tent, green drying equipment

Oakland Water Removal and Drying

SERVPRO can use advanced methods and equipment to remove the residual water from hardwood floors in Oakland homes. Pictured is a "tent" connected via a flexible duct to a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture content in the planks.

removed lower section of two walls, carpet removed, studs visible

West Oakland Flood Cuts Done Right!

Contaminated groundwater must be removed from a West Oakland house, the furnishings protected, and all contaminated carpets discarded. This SOP--standard operating procedures. The controlled demolition, meaning the flood cuts that only removed the non-salvageable portion of the sheetrock, is Why SERVPRO is a premier water, fire, and mold remediation company.

ceiling tiles removed, furnishings in office

Ceiling Leak in Oakland

The drop ceiling tiles soaked wicked water from the roof leak and needed replacing. SERVPRO quickly arrived at this Oakland office and removed the safety hazard and then proceeded to dry out the above ceiling void with our equipment and the shown poly sheeting.

sooty ceilings, extension pole with sponge shown

Oakland Smoke Remediation

Our SERVPRO technician uses an extension pole fitted with a special sponge to remove the soot from this Oakland home. The painstaking effort, on our part, precludes the need to repaint the smoke-damaged surfaces.

dark warehouse, equipment drying it out water on concrete floor

Commercial Flooding Remediation in Oakland

SERVPRO technicians have removed most of the groundwater from this Oakland warehouse. Dehumidifiers and air movers are continuing the work to completion. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster! And ready to help 24/7!

dehu on the carpet-removed floor, zip poly barricade at the doorway

Oakland Water Damage Mitigation

SERVPRO works hard to minimize the water damage from copious amounts of flow that soaks into carpeting and wallboard. We can speed up the drying by sealing an unaffected room with poly sheeting at the entrance. Our LGR dehumidifier can then work with less water vapor to complete the job quicker with less danger of more water damage.

darkened, moldy attic and insulation

Emeryville Moldy Attic

Poor ventilation and humidity buildup can lead to mold infestations in an Emeryville attic. SERVPRO can remove the batten insulation and dry ice blast the interior rafters and sheathing without introducing more liquid, then spray an antifungal agent lightly to help prevent new mold growth.

carpet, desk in office, air movers  three

Home Office in Oakland Getting Dry

The leak wet the carpeting and furnishings in this trending room in an Oakland home--the home office. Our SERVPRO crew has removed baseboards to dry the wall edges and the carpeting, thus avoiding any demolition.

concrete floor, studs, and air movers green

West Oakland Storm Damage

SERVPRO techs can pump out any remaining stormwater from this West Oakland home and then begin removing contaminated building materials. The concrete pad and framing are being dried by snail centrifugal air movers. Our advanced equipment gets the job done!

sooty deposits on floor and counter tops in bathroom

West Oakland Puff Back

The sticky, sooty film on the surfaces and tiled floor of this bathroom can be vacuumed and wiped up by our SERVPRO crew. This type of fire damage requires intricate and careful cleaning of all exposed surfaces, meaning large interior areas. We also grapple with odor control to improve indoor air quality.

cut out walls and floor, dehu and air mover visible

Water Removal and Drying in Oakland

The leak damaged the floors and walls in this Oakland kitchen. SERVPRO strives to restore, but we can do controlled demolition when needed to replace water-damaged building materials. Our advanced equipment is completing the service before we begin the build back.

dried commercial surface floor, drying equipment by tables and chairs

Oakland Water Restoration

The air mover and LGR dehumidifier are completing the drying portion of the water damage caused by a leak in this Oakland adult care center. We moved quickly to minimize disruptions and preserve all the furnishings.

concrete pad with water, show pump equipment

West Oakland Water Removal

This pump house suffered a break and flooded the structure with standing water. The concern was to ensure a sanitary restoration. SERVPRO removed the water and sprayed antimicrobial product to reach that end.

drying equipment on plywood floor, fireplace in back area

Oakland Stormwater Drying

The water and carpet, having been removed from this Oakland home, now shows an LGR dehumidifier and an air scrubber to complete the drying. Fast service can salvage the plywood subflooring panels. Call us to save you money.

burnt wires and charred and blackened trusses and sheathing

West Oakland Fire Damaged Attic

The charred attic, including the electrical Romex cables, can be restored or replaced to preloss condition with the help of SERVPRO FSRT fire and smoke damage restoration technicians. We have the equipment and products to remove the charring and the odors.

equipment by white bunkbeds, plywood subfloor

Oakland Water Damage Mitigation

The air movers and the LGR low-grain refrigerant dehumidifier are drying out the plywood subfloor in this second floor Oakland bedroom. With a fast response, our SERVPRO team can mitigate the damages for our customer.